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Kamado grills have been around for a very long time but have just recently caught the attention of the American grill enthusiast. For good reason they make great food and are fun to use. The ceramic design traps in moisture and uses radiunt heat to cook this makes it easy to grill tender fish or long turkey roasts without drying out the food. Plus the vision kamado grill is great for smoking meats, cheeses and anything else. My wife and I just grilled up these wonderfull pizza on our Vision kamado grill and then had dinner around our fire pit table.

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Kamado Pizzia

Kamado Pizza


Vision Kamado Features

The high efficiency Vision Kamado design can be used to grill, smoke, bake and steam all types of foods. Its ceramic construction keeps the heat inside the cooking pot and the cold air out making the best grill construction for cooking through all seasons, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

The Vision Kamado allows users to control temperature and cooking times, from low temperatures needed for smoking to high searing

temperatures for locking in moisture and flavors.

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1. Integrated Temperature Center

Stainless steel temperature center is integrated with ceramic housing to provide modern

appearance and easy cleaning


2. Fresh Contemporary Design

Our new design has an elegant taper in the main ceramic body and modern detailing in the

banding section of the ceramic body.


3. Integrated Temperature Control, Ash Drawer &

ElectricStarter Port


This feature eliminates the hassle emptying ashes from your Kamado. All ashes are caught in

a drawer that is easily removed for emptying.

An easy access a port to insert your electric starter makes starting your Kamado easy & quick.

Dual air vent control knobs allow for tight temperature control, from smoking through to




All for only $795

Call to order 951 805 0314


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