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There is nothing better to warm you up on a cold night than to relax next to an open fire, especially when it is coming from a beautiful propane fire pit. When searching for a brand new fire pit table you don't need to look any further than With such an amazing selection of fire tables to choose from you can be certain that you will find the perfect addition to your home or business.

These top quality products made right here in Southern California by world class designer, David Cooke, range in style and size from smaller backyard fire pit tables to massive luxury dining fire pit tables. With gorgeous marble and granite tops to choose from, these will not only give you the pleasure of being next to a fire but also enhance the beauty and style of any outdoor setting. Entertaining guests or enjoying time alone can only get better with an open flame warming you up.

Fire has been a source of light and heat for centuries but modern technology has brought this age-old comfort to a completely new level. The unpredictability of typical ground fire pits has made it difficult to enjoy an open fire in an urban setting. They require the proper amount of space as well as firewood to burn and that just isn't possible in many homes and businesses. A fire table, however, is the perfect solution. They burn clean propane from a tank that is conveniently stored in a compartment directly underneath the table top. No more cutting firewood and worrying about containing a fire in a designated area. With these propane fire tables you just flip the switch and instantly begin enjoying the beautiful flames on a cool evening. Outdoor living space is important. Light your space up with a new propane fire table!

Cooke fire pit table units are made from the highest quality materials, made by the highest quality manufacturers in the USA. 3D engineering design software is the first step in the process, once designs are complete they use precision laser cutting and CNC bending to make the metal components. This provides design flexibility which allows for the fulfillment of custom orders. Cooke products are made with the finest quality stainless steel, acid washed copper, Aluminum, magnificent granite and marble stone which can stand up to any weather. Cooke can also take into account custom orders including alternate building materials, for example environmentally friendly “green” materials. This kind of personalization cannot be found anywhere else. If you are a professional customer working on plans we offer CAD models for the architect and designers.


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Above two of these beautiful COOKE fire pit tables are in front of the movie theater in the Fashion Island shopping center in Newport Beach California. Patrons can put their feet up and enjoy the fire while waiting for the movies to start or just soak in the heat while taking a break from shopping.

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Above Is a Balboa Fire Pit Table from the designer David Cooke it features a granite top made from cooper canyon stone and an acid washed copper base. This table is part of the COOKE line of luxury goods offered by the designer and is one of the few offered on their online store

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Above are pictures of a Santa Barbara fire pit table made by COOKE, they store a 5 gal horizontal propane tank in the base and these have the optional granite top. Click here to see more

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In addition to top of the line quality, Cooke fire pit table units come with exemplary service. Cooke cuts out the middleman. They provide customer service which retail shops could only hope to provide. Not only that, every Cooke fire pit is made in America by detail-oriented, passionate workers. Each fully customizable fire pit is created to suit the needs of the customer. With Cooke comes class. The quality of workmanship is above and beyond their competitors. No longer will customers have to worry about rusting or poor performance from the fire pits.

There is no compromise with a Cooke Product. The designer and engineer, David Cooke personally overseas the manufacturing process. These tables do not leave the factory without the discriminating eye of their creator giving the “O.K.” This means only top of the line fire pits are shipped to customize your outdoor areas. Customers get the innovative design and top quality durability for reasonable prices. Cooke Contemporary furniture has a reputation for the best fire pit tables. The product line is always changing and expanding to meet the needs of new customers.


Cooke stainless steel outdoor fire pit tables will last a lifetime in any prolonged weather conditions. The customizable pieces are all made with the same passionate hands by professionals dedicated to a job well done. David Cooke’s designs cover every aspect of the creation process. Bring this functional work of art home. Take yourself away from the television, pull up a lawn chair and prop your feet up on the fire pit table and warm away the stress of the day.


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Above is a white on white fire pit table made by COOKE for a house in Beverly Hills. This table features a white porcelain top, powder coated white base and star fire glass wind screen.



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Heating outdoor living areas with fire pits is becoming increasingly popular and So Cal Fire Pits can help you. So Cal Fire Pits can provide complete custom outdoor fire pits or any component needed to help you finish building your own fire pit. Fire Pits in outdoor living areas can help you enjoy the outdoors sooner and keep you outside longer; here is what a Vancouver paper had to say about it.

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Above is the Grand View table from the COOKE collection click here to view product page

Fire brings us connection with our deeper, more primal selves. A fire pit table from Cooke can bring both the comforts of home and the freedom of the outdoors together in rustic alchemy. Step away from the television and sit down next to the blazing flame of a fire pit table. Cherishing those around you can provide much more enjoyment than any television program. Summer evenings become magical with the addition of an open flame.

How a fire pit table can help your family life


With this economic downturn, there is a resurgence of family togetherness. Families are living closer together. They need an option to take them away from the television and bring them closer together in discourse, like the good old days. Cooke gas fire pits can do just that. Made in Southern California, Cooke fire pits tables bring outdoor family togetherness to a whole new level. Putting a fire pit on your patio can bring a whole new dynamic to many families which are used to much more urbane lifestyle.


There is a majestic quality to fire tending. This is something most have lost in this overly urbanized world. Cooke gas fire pits bring it back. These outdoor fire pits are easy to light, control and they bring heat and illumination to the outdoor living space. They are great for social gatherings and are not as unpredictable like wood fires. Outdoor dinner parties can be enhanced with a beautiful granite fire pit table. Cold winter days and cool summer nights are more enjoyable outdoors with the ambient lighting of an open blaze. Cooke even offers additional forced air heaters on some models which will help you enjoy your outdoor living space for a few more months out of the year.


A romantic night can get hotter with the right man or woman and the right gas fire pit. While he or she might not notice the craftsmanship, he or she will be taken aback by the beauty of the table, even when it is not lit. When the fire pit is lit the flames encourage relaxation and bring back ancestral memories of cuddling up with the one closest to you.


Traditional fire pits were made from holes in the ground. Cooke gas fire pits take the simple idea of containing the fuel source in earthen material (granite or marble) and raises it to a level of elegance rarely seen in outdoor fixtures. The fire pit allows the people near it to sit in comfort and safety. Some Cooke fire pits are portable so you don’t have to ruin a dedicated spot in the lawn with an ashy wood mess. You can now toast marshmallows anywhere in your backyard or patio instead of having to rely on a wood burning campfire. A typical fire pit needs wood or other fuel to burn, but a Cooke fire pit runs on clean burning propane or natural gas. This means there is no wood cutting necessary and the fire is easy to light, maintain and turn off.


Fire is the first technology and since the beginning of time, humans have used fire for nearly every purpose. It provides a gathering place for family and friends. It is time to turn away from the television and bring friends and family closer together around Cooke gas fire pits. These fire pits bring the best of the primal feeling of fire together with the elegant artisanship of David Cooke. This kind of work is hard come across, but easy to recognize.



The Advantages of a Gas Fire Pit Table

Gas fire pits are becoming more and more popular around the world as people rediscover the beauty and fun inherent in fire. Outdoor gas fire pits are easy to light and control and can provide heat and light and a wonderful atmosphere to your next party. Place the fire pit in a gorgeous granite table and you have a dinner party to remember!
An outdoor fire pit can bring fun and enjoyment on cold winter and summer nights. Invite your friends over and sit around your custom designed fire pit table and enjoy the memorable ambiance created by the open flames.

There’s nothing like fire to impress the girls and create a romantic atmosphere! Fire is mesmerizing and exciting and always provides a warm and inviting atmosphere to make every dinner party a memorable and fun experience.

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Gas Fire Pit Features
There are many methods of constructing fire pits. Traditionally fire pits were made in holes in the ground. For obvious reasons, gas fire pits housed in granite tables are becoming extremely popular.

The outstanding advantages of a gas fire pit table include:
1. Sit in comfort and safety around a beautiful piece of granite furniture enjoying the excitement and warmth of fire
2. Granite fire pit tables are heavy and stable yet still portable so you can move your fire pit around your garden or patio
3. Locate your fire pit on your patio, beach house verandah or patio, backyard, courtyard, even your open air sun room.
4. Toast marshmallows in a comfortable and romantic setting
5. No messy wood chips or wood logs
6. No need to dig up your lawn
7. No wood chopping required
8. Easy to maintain
9. Ultra easy to light
10. Safe

Sleek and Modern, Outdoor Warmth with an Olympic Fire Pit Table

Sleek and Modern, Outdoor Warmth with an Olympic Fire Pit Table For perhaps as long as man has walked this earth, the hearth has been his center, a place to gather with companions and family, friends and associates. There’s something especially meaningful about sitting together in front of a warm and crackling fire, even today. Are we somehow remembering our earliest ancestors? Or is it simply the glamour and fun of gathering in front of a remarkable centerpiece, a source of warmth and light against the dark evening? You decide, with the sleek and modern Olympic Propane Fire Pit Table. Solidly constructed with all aluminum for durability and strength, it’s perfect for creating warm and memorable evenings under the night sky.

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A Soothing Flame All Night Long
Finally, it’s all about the atmosphere a fire pit table will provide, it’s a wonderful luxury.

When it comes to an outdoor fire pit, I know I prefer to have one in a table on my patio. Such an asset on those cool fall and winter nights.

Imagine you and your family lounging outside around a gorgeous granite or marble fire pit. Simply incomparable in providing light, atmosphere and romance.

Palisades Fire Pit Table:

Casual Elegance Imagine sitting around a toasty outdoor fire with friends and family, watching the stars and enjoying warm mugs of hot chocolate or even a hot toddy, snuggled under a blanket. We’ll let you in on a secret: our elegant fire pits make your outdoor patio spaces perfect for socializing year round. Nothing says cozy and warm more than a beautiful Palisades propane fire pit, whether you’re toasting marshmallows or simply enjoying the dancing flames against the velvety night sky. Made with hardy, all aluminum construction, the propane tank itself goes easily under the table itself for easy concealment. While we have a number of tasteful finishes in stock, you can also get a custom color to match your decor perfectly for only $500 more.


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Copper Fire Pits, Copper Planters, Copper Furniture - How to get the best colors

Copper is a beautiful metal that ages to a classic blue-green, rich brown or grey-green patina. At first the color of raw copper can be a salmon toned pink or the color of a new penny. Within the first few weeks the material tends to go through a series of russet brown shads highlighted with the distinctive Cooke acid washing. This results in a magnificent display of metallic rainbow patterns. Each peace is like an individual seed that grows into an identifying beauty reflective of the environment in which it was placed.

The final color of copper will vary depending on the location. In salt water or damp climates the classic blue green patina will be visible as the peace reaches maturity. In dry hot climates copper tends to maintain a glossy grey brown patina. To see what copper will look like in your area reference several copper roofs or cutters.

Forcing the patina that you desire can be done by treating copper with an acid or basic solution. Coloring however is a very inconsistent process unless done by a professional. Chemical coloring results vary upon several components time, temperature, humidity and surfaces preparation.

The Hottest Item in Outdoor Decor - Gas Fire Pit Tables

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As the sun sets on those cool fall evenings or balmy summer nights imagine yourself seated around the mesmerizing flames of a fire pit table in your backyard. This is the lifestyle picture that is capturing everyone's attention. Fire pit tables are definitely THE hottest and sexiest outdoor Decor item this year.

Fire has always held a fascination for most of us and now there is a safe, stylish and functional way to bring it into your life. The current trend is gas fire pit tables, essentially a medium-to-large sized granite or marble tables with a gas fire pit inset into the center. These tables are designed for a group of people to sit around an open fire in comfort, while the gentle crackling of flames dramatically enhances the experience.

Prices of fire pit tables can vary greatly depending upon design, size, and what sort of stone, metal or material you prefer. There are basically two main design styles to choose from in fire pit tables. These are mainly governed by the height of the table - coffee table or dining table height. You can see our two most popular designs under the products page of .

Dining Fire Pit Tables

The Dining Fire Pit Table is guaranteed to infuse every dining experience with warmth and glamour. Cooke Furniture makes a range of stunning Dining Fire Pit Tables that are designed to seat up to seven people comfortably and are made from stunning hand-selected granite or marble slabs of solid stone. The base of Cooke Furniture fire pit tables are made from copper plated and acid washed stainless steel or the metal of your choice powder coated to any color. Every fire pit table in the Cooke Furniture range is unique and provides a brilliant lifestyle experience.

Cooke Furniture

Cooke Furniture was founded by the merest chance when, in 2006, engineer, designer and entrepreneur, David Cooke, was looking for a high quality fire pit table to take pride of in an outdoor living area, but could find nothing suitable. The mechanical engineer decided to combine the natural beauty of the earth and the granite he loved to create his own fire pit table. With his artistic background, David was able to create a fire pit table that exuded substance and style, and now the quality and style of Cooke Furniture fire pit table products are in great demand. Cooke Furniture has a merited reputation for the creation of some of the finest custom designed outdoor furniture pieces. Using the finest quality stainless steel, acid washed copper and splendid granite and marble from around the world, Cooke Furniture is able to create exceptionally beautiful and functional fire pit table designs. Each fire pit tabledesigned and manufactured by Cooke Furniture will have life-long structural integrity in any climate.

The product line is always growing and changing as new pieces are designed and every piece is engineered and manufactured in California, USA. Cooke Furniture uses 3D engineering software to design and manufacture precision laser cut metal components for the affordable fire pit table it is offering. This method allows for fast design, flexibility and delivery of custom fire pit table orders. Cooke Furniture can fabricate the fire pit table products from such materials as durable teak, sustainable green products or other special materials. When designing fire pit table items, materials such as 316 and 304 stainless steel, copper and stone, could be used for their ability to endure harsh climates. Every custom designed fire pit table is manufactured by Cooke Furniture to the customer's exact specifications and assembled with meticulous care by the designer. The Cooke Furniture fire pit table is guaranteed to last a lifetime and will endure the harshest weather conditions of snow, desert and beachfront. The Cooke Furniture fire pit table will become the centerpiece of any outdoor living area and will add to the comfort of longer fireside chats on chilly evenings, as well add value to the property should the homeowner later sell and relocate.

Custom designed fire pit table products are what Cooke Furniture specializes in and the company's preferred method of collaboration is the close working relationship with ASID professionals. Using modern engineering software and millions of dollars of CNC hardware, Cooke Furniture is able to produce a pit fire table of precision, style and beauty with no size restriction. As well as providing customized fire pit table products, Cooke Furniture also offers a unique outdoor heating solution with the addition of forced air heaters to any table or installation. Warm air is delivered through adjustable vents just below the table top which provides the ability to directly warm air on the lower part of the body and warm the stone table top. David Cooke of Cook Furniture is always available to assist customers with their fire pit table designs.


Fire pits are HOT

Many cool places are using fire pits to heat things up

Palm Springs



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Grab a warm mug of your favorite tea, cocoa, or cider and cozy up to the Fire Pit, where you’ll find a wide variety of stylish fire pits that are sure to keep you warm outdoors even when it’s cold and chilly. But be careful many fire pits on the market don't put out much heat!

Imagine the dramatic ambiance you’ll be surrounded by on your patio or porch with a glowing fire pit illuminating the night and your lover. Enjoy the crackling of the flames and the aroma it brings as it burns sweetly scented logs of wood or don't mess with smelly wood get a gas fire pit they are much easier. Gather around with your family and friends to tell ghost stories, roast marshmallows, and to stay warm, even when surrounded with snow. A fire pit is a wonderful mood setter for gatherings, and even more so for those intimate moments: spark an air of romance over and over again when you cozy up with your significant other. Its enchantment grabs everyone’s attention and ensures good memories for years to come.

Whether you live among the majestic Sierra Nevada's, Appalachian Mountains, along the brisk New England coastline, or settled in the snowy Seattle area, a fire pit is great for those cold days and nights that arrive frequently, all year round, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and warmth. Even in the desert there are many chilly winter nights, and that radiant fire will allow you to continue to enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

Fire rings are a wonderful safety-minded innovation to help cut down on forest fires and make clean-up a breeze. Each of these portable metal rings are ideal for camping, scout campfires, and backyard fun. They help to keep a fire safely contained, yet simultaneously make it easier to start a fire. Many fire rings have whimsical and attractive designs laser cut on the sides. Others have cooking grids for grilling.

For individuals who would rather not use wood, there are a variety of attractive and convenient gas powered fire pits that allow the fire to dance within a delightful setting of ceramic logs and desirable designs. They’re easy and safe to use, and require inexpensive fuel.

Gloves will help you manage your fire pit with safety and ease. They keep your skin protected in case you get too close to the heat, which is great for rearranging logs, and you’ll never have to worry about splinters and spiders with these protective essentials.

Hearths come in all shapes and sizes to fit the flow of your exterior design and to enhance your outdoor look. Whether placed directly in the center of your patio, porch, yard, balcony, etc or somewhere strategically placed to the side, each of these fire pits will delight you and your loved ones. Choose one to match your outdoor living room furniture, or perhaps for your patio dinette set for year round outside dining. Place it adjacent to your Tiki bar and watch your party take off. Or, for special hearths, give your grill a break and enjoy the modern way to cook over a campfire.

Each of our fire pits is masterfully designed with safety and style in mind. Their compositions include elegantly shaped metal stands or a handsome marble or tile appearance, many of which have a tabletop surface for drinks and snacks. Many also utilize stucco and wire meshes to keep the unit safe, sturdy, and enticing.

Vision Kamado review

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The best Kamado grill is a Vision

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Kamado grills have been around for a very long time but have just recently caught the attention of the American grill enthusiast. For good reason they make great food and are fun to use. The ceramic design traps in moisture and uses radiunt heat to cook this makes it easy to grill tender fish or long turkey roasts without drying out the food. Plus the vision kamado grill is great for smoking meats, cheeses and anything else. My wife and I just grilled up these wonderfull pizza on our Vision kamado grill and then had dinner around our fire pit table.


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This was the best pizza I have made yet my vision kamado grill worked great!

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The Vision kamado manufactures web site


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